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Frequently Asked

Do I need to buy a Propane Express tank to get started?

No.  We accept all brands on exchange.  No matter where you purchased (or last exchanged) your tank, we'll happily swap it for a clean, freshly filled Propane Express tank.

Do I need to be home to receive delivery?

No.  Order your tank exchange by 9:00pm tonight and have a full replacement hooked-up and ready to go when you get home tomorrow.  As a courtesy we will ring the doorbell to alert anyone who may be home before carrying the tank to your grill.

Will you connect the tank for me?

Absolutely!  Tank hookup is always included with delivery.  We'll disconnect the old tank and install a fresh, clean replacement.  We also verify gas flow, and then return the tank valve to the closed position before leaving. 

Can I leave my empty some place other than my grill?

Sure, we'll swap the tank any place you like.  Many customers prefer this option.  Folks with large or aggressive dogs, for example often opt to simply leave their empty on the front porch.

I'd like to upgrade to a SureFlame Tank.  How does that work?

There is a small up-charge to turn in your standard grill tank in exchange for a SureFlame™ tank.  But once you do your run out worries will be over.  Just select SureFlame Upgrade on the Order Here page.  You only need to upgrade once.  After that you'll be swapping SureFlame for SureFlame.

I've heard some tank exchange companies are putting less gas in their exchange tanks.  Is this true?

Sad, but True. It all started a few years back when the largest cage exchange company reduced the amount of LP gas in their tanks to 17 lbs. (all grill tanks are designed to hold more).  Other companies followed suit.  Apparently that wasn't good enough, so in 2009 that same company dropped its product volume to a mere 15 lbs., further sticking it to the customer.  Since the tanks all look the same on the outside, most customers think they're getting a full tank of propane, but it just isn't so.  At Propane Express we guarantee that every tank exchange we deliver contains no less than 17.5 lbs. of product.  That's  16.7% more than our biggest competitor (and of course they don't deliver).

What is your delivery schedule?

We deliver six days a week, Monday through Saturday.  Orders received by 9:00pm the prior day (Sun - Fri) are delivered next day.

How can I tell when I am about to run out of propane?

There are a number of ways to know when your tank is running low.  The best option is to upgrade to a SureFlame™ tank.  It has a built in gauge, so you always know just where you stand.  Propane Express is pleased to offer the SureFlame tank. Once you try it, you won't go back. 

Another simple solution is to keep a spare tank on hand, so whenever you run out you've got a backup right there.  Order a brand new, just-filled tank from Propane Express for only $49.95, and problem solved.  As soon as one tank empties simply order the replacement.  Order now>>
Another great option is worry-free routine delivery.  Just let us know how often you want us to deliver and we'll take it from there.  There's no need to trouble yourself with re-ordering, and we'll even auto-debit your credit card if you like.  Cancel or adjust delivery interval any time.

Finally, a low tech but reliable option for checking your propane reserve is The Original Grill Gauge.  It's simple and straightforward, and most importantly, it works.  To get your Original Grill Gauge just add it with your next delivery order from Propane ExpressOrder now>>

What about those screw-in gauges I've seen with the grill accessories at local stores?

Don't waste your money!  All they do is let you know when you're out (which, of course you already know when the grill stops running).

Do you dispose of old tanks?

Yes, we will gladly remove and dispose of any old grill tank at time of delivery for a nominal disposal fee of $5.00.

Why does it always rain when I leave the cover off my grill?

Well it sure seems like leaving your grill uncovered is a great recipe for bringing on rain showers.  But surprisingly there is no known scientific correlation.

Still have questions?

Call or email.  We're happy to answer them all.

Propane tank refill delivery to your home or business in the Lake Norman region. 
Propane cylinder exchange in Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville and northern Charlotte, NC.

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