Friday, September 21, 2018
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Grill Gas and a Whole Lot More!

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Standard Grill Tank Standard Grill Tank Exchange
Grill Tank Exchange - Delivered and Installed (reg. $24.95, save by ordering online!)

USD $19.95
USD $23.95
USD $4.00 (17%)

New Grill Tank, Filled (no exchange)
New Propane Tank, Purged, Filled, and Delivered

USD $49.95
USD $62.90
USD $12.95 (21%)

SureFlame Grill Tank EXCHANGE
The Tank With The Built In Gauge (so you never run out).  Customer must already have a SureFlame® tank to exchange.  To UPGRADE to a SureFlame tank click here.

USD $22.95

Sure Flame Tank SureFlame Tank, NEW, FILLED (NO EXCHANGE)
Sure Flame Grill Tank - The Tank With The Built In Gauge (so you never run out), filled and ready to go.

USD $64.95
USD $73.90
USD $8.95 (13%)

Upgrade your standard tank to a SureFlame® grill tank - the tank with the built in gauge (so you never run out).  Just trade in your old tank for a freshly filled SureFlame tank and you're in business.

USD $39.95

Original Grill Guage
The Grill Gauge™ accurately measures the propane in your tank. No batteries or power source required.  Please note: must be ordered along with propane tank exchange.

USD $14.95

30 lb. Tank Exchange
Commonly Used With Campers and RVs.

USD $32.95
USD $34.95
USD $2.00 (6%)

40 lb. Tank Exchange
Twice the gas of a grill tank.  Ideal for space heaters and firelogs where larger tanks are impractical.   Also great for portable cookers and catering applications.

USD $42.95
USD $45.95
USD $3.00 (7%)

100 lb. Tank Exchange
Great for firelogs, spaceheaters, bullet heaters, firepits, etc.  Unlike with bulk propane providers there is no annual tank lease because you own your tank.

USD $95.00
USD $125.00
USD $30.00 (24%)

Forklift Tank Exchange
33½ lb. Forklift Tank (aluminum or steel)

USD $33.50

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Propane tank refill delivery to your home or business in the Lake Norman region. 
Propane cylinder exchange in Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville and northern Charlotte, NC.

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